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Today, companies and organizations must deal with uncertainty and complexity motivated by the great challenges of climate, social and geopolitical emergencies that we face, shaken also by technology and awareness revolutions, to be considered in every decision.

Whether from Strategy, Innovation, Brand Reputation, ESG, Business Development, HR or any other area, each step that is taken must consider numerous issues from different aspects such as scarcity and sustainability of materials, logistic chains potential problems, energy transition process, emerging technologies, talent attraction, new values and awareness, new generations, new markets, etc. Understanding the impact of all these circumstances complicates decision-making in the short, medium, and long term.

Since 1990, Infoline has been the trusted company in which organizations of different sizes and nationalities reply to cope with these situations, from the simplest cases such as getting official financial documents from Spanish and foreign companies or the search for information or analysis of specific topics (technologies, markets, competitors, trends…), to the most complex, when a complete deep dive and survey of the environment is necessary to anticipate potential future scenarios, through a megatrends impact analysis project or strategic foresight.

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How we can help you

Infoline provides a wide range of services from document delivery and on demand research requests,  to longer term projects and consulting engagements.

We provide financial accounts and other official documents of private companies from about 70 countries, in a short period of time. It's a pay-as-you-go service.
We run desk research for data, news, statistics, reports, or any information on a topic. We can also elaborate market research reports. We work for final clients, consultancies, or research departments.
Customized reports on companies, sectors, industries, technologies, or markets, applying quantitative and qualitative analysis. They may be punctual or in a continuous base (monitoring).
Identifying trends, emerging issues and the impacts they may have, we help clients to be prepared for potential futures, and the opportunities and challenges that these changes could bring.
To understand the present and anticipate potential futures, we identify megatrends, which are major forces that affect all sectors and geographies, changing the world, and we assess the impact that they have for your organization.
We help our clients to identify how the changes will impact their company or institution and to establish a roadmap of action in the short, medium, and long term.
We guide our clients to analyze the best strategy, technology, business model, or investment. We also advise on the design or improvement of observatories, analysis labs or competitive intelligence units.
For those who want to learn methodologies of analysis, Insight & Foresight, as well as Competitive Intelligence, we offer in-house and external training courses in these subjects.


official financial documents delivered.


desk research & market research projects completed.


competitive intelligence projects.


insights & foresight projects.


training courses and workshops.

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How you can apply it

Our expertise may be applied to any area of a company or organization. Below you can see some examples, although it is also often used in other departments (Human Resources, Sales, Logistics, Suppliers, etc.)

We support our clients in their strategic decision-making and roadmap design, hand in hand with innovation, giving them a wider and deeper perspective of their environment, industry or sector, market, competitors, trends and potential futures.

We help to identify and understand current and future technologies and business models to guide our clients to focus in the most profitable path. We also provide technology scouting to find the right partners and technologies.

For areas like M&A, Asset Management, Family Offices or Impact Investment, we help to identify and analyze companies or technologies in depth, anticipating their evolution and forecast, ensuring them to achieve profitable investments.

Changes in society are occurring fast and deep. Understanding what customers want, and what they are not willing to accept, is now a critical issue for companies and organizations.

We can externalize full departments or help our clients doing ad hoc projects or monitoring. We can also collaborate to redefine objectives and processes and to optimize resources of CI units.

We study the clients current and future technologies. We help them to choose the best options, as well as to find and analyze potential synergies and collaborations, so they can be rightly positioned in the short and long term.

With different types of projects, we help our clients to identify trends, demographic changes, behaviors, needs… in order to better understand their customers and adapt to their tastes and expectations.

For a company wanting to enter a new market or geography, we analyze existing and future competitors, trends, regulations, customer segments, logistics, technology, and any other needed aspect.

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About infoline...

We like the motto "Be the change you wish to see in the world". In our modesty, we have been taking baby steps to create over the years the company in which we feel happy working, providing useful and professional services to our clients while conciliating, as well as we have been able to, our jobs with our families, and also being responsible with the planet.

We were not afraid of being pioneers in a field where, still today, over 30 years later, it is difficult to explain what we do. We did not hesitate either, more than 20 years ago, when we decided to do remote working, when hardly any company would dare to do it. That bold decision has allowed us to be always available for our clients, to raise our children, to watch over our elderly loved ones, and to save the planet 72 tons of CO2 emissions per year (1.584 tons of CO2 emissions savings so far).

We are always ready to identify needs for change, and we have adapted our company to better fulfill our clients’ needs regarding methodologies, services, or any other aspect. We will keep trying to be open minded to respond correctly to those changes.


Problem: Lack of data


Infoline was established in 1990 to satisfy the knowledge needs of companies and organizations, even in a time when there was no www and the only way to retrieve online information was by remote access to databases under subscription, using their particular retrieval language (CCL, Mistral, etc).


Problem: Information overload


Once the information became easily accessible, we realized that we needed to add value by providing analysis and competitive intelligence to help companies and organizations to understand the environment and the meaning for them of all that information available, so that they could make the best decisions.


Problem: Uncertainty & Changes


During this decade, the situation of uncertainty and constant changes (emerging and disruptive technologies, geopolitical drivers, new markets, logistics problems, legislative changes, competitors in new business models, customers new behaviors and demands …) turned essential that companies relied in a mechanism to anticipate potential future scenarios that would help them to choose the right path.


Problem: Major Disruptions


Even organizations that were used to anticipating the changes coming, need to adapt quickly to the major disruptions that we are living through after the pandemic, major geopolitical conflicts and wars, the energy transition, the explosion of climate change or the pressure of social and environmental awareness. Foresight projects are more important than ever, but also any kind of project that help organizations to identify and ensure their next moves, from research investments to finding alternative suppliers, competitive intelligence to understanding the environment, technology scouting to analyze and find solutions or strategic foresight and megatrends impact analysis to design new roadmaps.

Our leading team

All our team members have previous experience in corporations, working in-house or externally in different areas like competitive intelligence, research, innovation, or strategy. We are senior consultants, researchers, and analysts with backgrounds in social sciences and technology. 95% of our customers maintain a long-term relationship with us.

María Benjumeda Azorín

CEO & Founding Partner

  • Master in Business Law, Master in Tax Advice.
  • Degree in Economics and Business Administration, specializing in Market Research and Marketing from the Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • ELOP at Louisiana State University.

Co-founder of Infoline Insight & Foresight, with more than three decades of experience in international projects focused on products, companies, sectors  and markets. Prior to Infoline, she worked as CFO assistant in Fridesa, an electromedicine company.

She studied Competitive Intelligence in the Fuld Gilad Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence, receiving also specialized training in Market and Competitive Intelligence from GIA (Global Intelligence Alliance), Global Organizations, Intelligence Scope, Benchmarking, Market Sizing, Strategic Planning Process, Product Life Cycle,  among others. Infoline has been a member of GIA during many years, as well as the Spanish hub for Disclosure (part of the Thomson Group).
She is a specialist in research from secondary and primary sources and traditional and non-traditional qualitative analysis.

She has participated in various courses and seminars on Competitive and Prospective Intelligence (Marcus Evan, I Seminar on Foresight and Strategic Intelligence, organized by the University of Barcelona, among others).

María Benjumeda Azorín
Founding Partner

Eliana Benjumeda Azorín

Managing Director & Founding Partner

  • Master in Library and Information Sciences from Louisiana State University, Internationalization Consultant by the Leonardo da Vinci Program of the European Commission and Bachelor Degree in Geography and History.
  • Certified as Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP) by the Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence (Cambridge, Massachusetts).

In 1990 she co-founded Infoline Insight & Foresight and for four years she has also been Expert in the Acciona Technological and Competitive Observatory, designing its structure and implementation. She was also responsible for the design and implementation of Open Innovation in this company, coordinating different projects between large companies, technological centres, universities and technological start-ups.

Previously, she worked in American libraries, Infopartners in Luxembourg and in the National Library of Spain, collaborating with the European Commission as an expert in R & D databases and training.

She has been professor of the Master of Analyst of Intelligence of the University Rey Juan Carlos and Carlos III (Madrid) and instructor and lecturer in corporations and institutions.

In 2008, she founded the Spanish Association of Competitive Intelligence (ASEPIC) and regularly participates in competitive intelligence conferences as a speaker, Thought Leader, Advisory Council member or Chairwoman (SCIP, CiMi, ICI, etc.).

Eliana Benjumeda Azorín
Managing Director &
Founding Partner

Mario Esteban Martinez

Managing Director & Partner

  • Degree in Chemistry, Executive MBA by Instituto de Empresa (Madrid), Comprehensive Management Program of Universidad Austral-IAE (Argentina).
  • Certified as Competitive Intelligence Professional (CIP) by the Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence (Cambridge, Massachusetts).

He spent twelve years in Development of New Products in Repsol Derivatives in the paraffin, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals market. He was Head of Product Development at Repsol YPF where he was responsible for innovation and development of new markets and new clients in the fields of rubber, wood and paints, among others. He was in charge of designing and implementing the control system for Innovation projects at Repsol Especialidades.

In 2007 he joined Acciona with the mission of creating the competitive intelligence unit that he has been responsible for until January 2014, as well as the Manager of the Technological and Competitive Observatory and Innovation Manager of Acciona S.A.

Since 2014 he is a partner and Managing Director of Infoline.

He has been Professor of the Interuniversity Master of Intelligence Analyst and also of the School of Industrial Organization (EOI).

He was President of the Spanish Association of Competitive Intelligence (ASEPIC).

Mario Esteban Martinez
Managing Director &

How we work

Are your services mainly intended for large corporations?

Not at all. Any company or organization, of any size, may need, for example, to find distributors of their products in another country, an alternative supplier to the current one, to find and understand technologies applicable to their business, to find out more about a market in which they want to expand, to know better their customers, to evaluate their strategy, to know how megatrends will impact them… Our projects are personalized and always adapted to the time and budget available to our clients.

How long does it take to do a project?

It depends on what the need is. If you need the accounts, bylaws or other official documents of a company from any country in the world, we can send them within 2 hours, normally. Other research projects may also be available in a few hours or days. For longer projects, we usually need about 4-6 weeks on average.

How can I order a project?

You just have to contact us by email, phone or through this website and we will recommend to you what is the best type of project to satisfy your needs and we will send you an estimate. You can choose to receive an ad hoc punctual project or to sign a long-term contract if you are going to need more periodical services. Current clients order projects with just one sentence email. We take care of everything else. We know you are busy, and once we understand your needs, we do all the work. We normally present the results with an online conference, in person or with a workshop, if it is necessary. We always sign NDA agreements to make you feel comfortable about confidentiality.

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